by Landscapes & Skylines



Debut EP from NYC's Landscapes & Skylines


released August 19, 2014

“Departure” was engineered, mixed and mastered by Chris LaRocque and Steve Aliperta at Kennedy Studios during June and July of 2014 in Billerica, Massachusetts.
released 19 August 2014

Additional vocals on “Halleck Drive” by Christina Medellin, “Billerica” by Chris LaRocque, and “Far Gone” by Jon Caneiro.

Photography and layout by Christina Medellin.



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Track Name: Halleck Drive
"I hope you're listening when I say I'm sorry"
Track Name: Refuge
I miss that feeling I had inside
on those summer days when I was never afraid
when the sun shined higher in the sky
when the rain didn't crash down to ruin it all
and I didn't have a care in the world
those memories, they never shed more light

of what was coming next
nothing like that even mattered anyway
or ever crossed my mind
it never crossed my mind

now I'm depressed when I’m alone
I always need someone by my side
and I can’t keep feeling this way

I’m not finding beauty in this storm
and when it rains it fuckin’ pours

I'm always running, I’m never resting
the weight of the world just keeps bringing me down
but now I have a sick sense of comfort in knowing how the story ends

It’s all just a hurricane, a never ending flood of all my thoughts
the world just brings out the worst in me
Track Name: Cutting Ties
It’s late at night again, i wait for your call
as I’m sitting here on the last train home
my reflection shows, that cold hard truth
I’m still alone, all alone
You left me for fall

This season has betrayed me again, it left me for dead
and now I’m picking up those pieces that fell out of my head
you were everything i thought I needed but I was so wrong
and now I’m looking up to streetlights to guide me home
my reflection shows, that blinding light
I’m still alone, all alone

the color of those leaves changed today
I gave this all I had but I’m not doing okay
decisions aren't hard to make but the choices in your life
they pushed me away

You left me for fall
Track Name: Deserving
You said to me
“It’s those dreamless nights they just kill me on the inside
and I don’t feel sorry, sorry for myself
it’s those dreary winter days, that ignite this feeling
and i’m not sure how much I can take
I probably deserve this”

And it seems sometimes i don’t feel sorry for anyone or anything (not even for myself)
You did this to yourself and now it’s time to figure out how to fix it all

and I said “you probably deserve this”
and you said “I probably deserve this”

Let me remind you of those words you spoke
When there was nothing left to live for
and I've been trying so fuckin’ hard
but nothings good enough for you

All we need is something different
All we need is to escape

(I’m still trapped inside my mind, I’m still dying on the inside)
Track Name: Far Gone
It’s so unbelievable
I’ll just keep asking myself why
the clock just ticks away
and the days they just fly by

And we’re all the same
We’ll all just stay the same

So hold me closer if you remember
those days in my room
when we had nothing left to lose

Awake in my bed
my eyes are open again
so stay here with me
until it’s over