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Grey Skies

by Friction 57

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Mad As Hell 03:26
No fear. No pity. This life. This city. No way around it. They have us surrounded. It's time, right now. Let’s tear this all down. No one here gets out alive with state controlled paradigms. The fear police control what you read. Monitor every word you breathe. Control our lives with fear they’ve made. But their the ones who are so afraid. Turn the screws just a little more. To find out what they’re searching for… And magnify everything they’ve done, Then we’ll have them on the run. Our wills been tested. Our freedom, neglected. Just watched the NSA, give our secrets away. Last chance! Let's go! Take back your Truman show Turn the TV cameras ‘round, let’s burn this system to the ground.
Grey Skies 02:37
I've always known that time would come to face reality, And I've ignored the truth for way too long. No need to make amends, no words I've got to say. I've just got time to spend before you're gone. [Chorus] I'm sitting here replaying in my mind, All of the memories collected through this life. Erase the fallacy, the fairytale, the lies, And leave me with grey skies. I know that we’ve had our troubles seeing eye to eye, But nothing ever said tore us apart. You’ve guided me through the perils of reality, You’ve always been there for me from the start. Off in the distance the skies have started turning black, but I'm moving forward now for me there is no going back. I can't repay you all the things you've done for me. Carry on tradition and live life through your legacy.
This contention better fade, 'cause I've got no time today. And everything that's come before, we'll just leave it behind. The anger, frustration... Gotta use my imagination, To find a way to get myself through another day. I've made a promise to myself... No one would put me through this hell. There's not much to say that hasn't been said a million times. And there's no way for me to ignore you. Our days are not complete, unless the argument repeats. But I don't have the energy and today is not your day. This mistrust, between us... Circumstances covered with dust. As the days pass by I wonder how much more I'll take. I've made a promise I've held true... No longer pushed around by you. There's not much to say that hasn't been said a million times. And there's no way for me to ignore you. I'm set in my ways so nothing will change deep in my mind And all I have left are two words for you... No time for second chances... No cares of consequences. I've had enough so now's the time to finally speak my mind... Just one more thing before I'm through... I am completely sick of you.
Gratitude 02:25
What the fuck!? Indeed... I've got something to say: Another throat goes quiet and decides to walk away... I've seen enough, I've heard enough to know the fakes, From the ones who truly mean everything they say. Left without a reason. Left without a choice. You got so sick of screaming that you left without your voice. A different place, a different time. Before it all turned black. I find myself sitting here wanting to go back. You never asked to much of us, we gave you all we could. The blood, the sweat, the wasted tears­­, the message understood. I know you only ever did this for yourself... But now you've left us cold and empty just like your own hell. Follow in the footsteps like so many before you. I thought you'd given up but now I know the truth. I'm inspired by the fact that I still find joy in this. But I'll never know what I might have missed. I may not always agree, but the words you said have always had a profound effect on me. And I, for now, can only hope, the punching bag that you've become won't lead you to a rope. One last time I'll say all I mean, I'd go back if I had a time machine...
Another death on T.V. the news shows to me, another home burnt to the ground, Every channel’s the same, the violent pictures remain, and I’m sickened by the sound… A war over-seas, and a rampage by thieves, and a mother commits sin, Another victim dies, and their family cries – I get to see it all again! From 60 minutes to 20/20, all this shit all seems the same, And I never seem to find a way to ignore all this pain, In a world where misery ends up on the evening news, Another reason for me to feel there’s nothing I can do… I flip the channel again, just to see my friend, dying from his wounds… Its hit close to home, and now I’m alone, my life living in ruins. A media leader, prepares to feed, on the flesh of fresh victims, Not coming to grips, with the garbage he spits, by exploiting others’ sins. It sickens me to see the world from behind their cameras… But they don’t quit and I don’t give a shit cause nobody else does. It didn’t take long to realize, our world doesn’t make sense. So I look deep inside where my thoughts hide, and try to find meaning again. Every night a broadcast comes with which they can abuse my mind and conscience with their one-sided point of view. We’ve got to make our own decisions. Refuse to be led by the hand. No more can we be fed opinions, I think its time to understand… …that it doesn’t pay to believe their lies and worthless rhetoric. In the end I hope we realize… so I state that the media makes us sick.
Two sides to the same old story, Trapped, this heart beneath my skin. Never thought that I'd come undone, All else fails and no one wins. I fail to see how to avoid this tragedy, Divided my own mind in half. But I never claim to be the king of my destiny, Feel my sorrow or embrace my wrath. Medicate to level the field, Or split myself right in two. One side if the face of glory, The other side sits staring back at you. There's no way of knowing what's coming down the line, No way to tell myself I need to stay aligned. Through the peaks and valleys of my inevitable clone, At least I know what I'm facing, I won't face alone.
Dead Hand 02:55
All the names are different. All the names are wrong. With all the voices distant, The memories don't belong. Everything is falling. Everything is done. Modern life was wasted, Now I'm the only one. Please turn off the radio, the signal has gone dead. I'll hold onto the last few voices shouting in my head. Life is never easy when learning how to cope. A battle lost in struggle, living to find hope. Another day of torture, another day of pain. The storms of my misfortune are drowning me in rain. Screaming through the static has left me with no voice. Giving up the battle seems like the only choice.


Full album purchase includes the acoustic version of "Reality Check".


released August 18, 2015

All music and lyrics written and arranged by Friction 57. Produced by Joe Hiatt and Friction 57. Recorded in September/October 2014 at Watch Your Head Studio, Cliffwood Beach, NJ. Piano & Strings on "Dead Hand" by Joe McGuire.


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