Resurrection EP

by Silence Equals Death




released January 1, 2012



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Track Name: Reparations
It's the time, Can't sell the lie for another day
Innocence believing, Tomorrow comes and things will change
I know you understand my thoughts, But the definitions are not the same
And now I feel defeated, and I'm looking for a place to run away
Can't hide the weight that always pulls me down
I want something to believe in
In life's big plan we seek the upper hand as we push it all back to another day, it's a selfish reparation, the condition of denial ends today
The end of feeling cheated, tomorrow comes and you might stay
But you won't hear my fucking thoughts like a blinding light you turn far away.
I think this worlds erased me, Like I was never there
While things might change, I won't change
In life you feel so pacified
Sometimes you feel you wait to die
I'm looking backwards and I hope that you'll be standing there
In a life that feels so empty
life that feels so empty
life that feels so empty
And you won't heal my light before the rest of my time
You won't heal my suffering
You will feel my suffering
Track Name: Hero
You proved me wrong about everything
I gave you another chance and now I'm crying out again
Young man looks up to what he's supposed to be
Now I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm falling helplessly

One Last Time
Break The Ties - So I can be free
One Last Time
I look for my hero but he's not the same

You're not the same, you're not the same
Wake Up, I wake to see I'm hoping that everything will change for me
I'm lost and so alone, with no hero to call my own

One Last Time
Break The Ties - So I can be free
One Last Time
I look for to hero but he's not the same
You're No Hero - You're No Hero
Track Name: Sight Unscene
In the end we will judge you, for the things you have done
My heart stays surrounded my compassion that can never be undone
All the lies through tradition, and the hate you live for
It burns inside my soul and this time It's Fucking War
It's Fucking War!
Too scared to be, standing alone inside of a crowd
One voice ignites a revolution, One voice and bring them down
Rise up, Resist and be the change that we can all create
Why live by other peoples standards when we can set the rules and path we take
No more (No More) No more (No more) No more this has to end now
They can never fight the resistance
When a single voice becomes a crowd
This time It's war - Speak up for what you live for
This time it's war - And you're the ones, we're coming for...
This time it's war!!
Track Name: Never Surrender
Tear me down, I'm drowning in my rage
Underneath the surface I keep pushing harder
Suffocation of my enemy
You look to strip my pride, erase me where I stand
I will never surrender, I will never give in
And still you try to break me, You try to break me down
But I will never surrender, I'm still here fighting on my own
Standing on the outside, unacceptance is the plan
To keep me silent, but now it's revenge
Reigning down in your face mother fucker
Start thinking of the times that you've crossed my path
My hopes, My Dreams, My hate keeps rising
For a chance that I feel I might
Break Me down, you wanna watch me fail
Break me down, but I'm still standing here
I don't need you to fuel my fight, I'll bleed perseverance until the day I die
I will never Surrender!